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I have that sense of satisfaction of having spent the morning troubleshooting a tricky JSON problem and resolving it without having to search for the answer(s).

you can't reform the police because the system isn't broken, its actually working at peak efficiency. you're just now realizing its intended purpose.

I've purged @WordPress from my life and I now feel sssoooo much better. That Block Editor was god damn awful.

This is a super trippy early novelty song from David Bowie. In 1973 this got to number 3 in the charts.

there is this insulting word in Norwegian, perhaps in quite poor taste if you're very PC:


ånd = spirit, mind
pygmé = pygmy

mind pygmy

it, as one would expect, means someone of a "short" mind, i.e. a stupid person, but because it's an elaborate/creative word, it is more suggestive of being utterly retarded than of merely being stupid.

Disappointed to learn that this is actually brewed under supervision in . Ho hum

I get a real sense of well-being just by shouting out into the

@paolovalde has it right when he says "we are witnessing the results of decades of ignorance in power." That is so applicable across so many contexts.

Be responsible, don't trust package managers. All it takes is for one single maintainer to wait until the reach is wide enough, then release a patch with a malicious payload and it spreads like wildfire because no one actually looks at and locks down a dependency like is-string to a patch version.

@mike FYI your SSL certificate on the bremensaki website has expired. is being strictly enforced, which is usually a good thing 😎

Checking out Mastodon... finished Greenwald's 2014 NSA book and looking to reduce my dependence on corporate surveillance apps and move toward FOSS solutions in my life.

@antlerboy i find that @pluralistic has a good publishing and syndication style. Perhaps take a look? More info here:

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