I have that sense of satisfaction of having spent the morning troubleshooting a tricky JSON problem and resolving it without having to search for the answer(s).

@space_cadet i enjoy all of these things too. I'd also add a really good pair of leather work gloves to that list.

@thor I've been using a Matias Laptop Pro for several years now. For me it's perfect and I wish I had found it earlier.


@peemee the goat's milk brie is delicious and even better when served with quince jelly

you can't reform the police because the system isn't broken, its actually working at peak efficiency. you're just now realizing its intended purpose.

I've purged @WordPress from my life and I now feel sssoooo much better. That Block Editor was god damn awful.

auspost, auspol 

@grumpysmiffy i thought it was a honourable, noble effort on Holgate's part.


@grumpysmiffy Morrison was super quick to throw Holgate under the bus, but didn't do a thing with Porter. Go figure that one out... <stinks>

@emmadavidson am feeling unsure whether this is genuine or that you’re taking the proverbial mickey

@emmadavidson .@barryoshry is amazing, a true scholar and a gent, he added so much to my toolbox

@emmadavidson Have you read @barryoshry's 'Encounters with the "Other"? I can fwd a copy if you wish..

MH, anxiety, work 

@grumpysmiffy have you explored why you have these reactions? It's something I think about alot...

MH, anxiety, work 

@grumpysmiffy I can understand, i experience the same thing too.

This is a super trippy early novelty song from David Bowie. In 1973 this got to number 3 in the charts.


there is this insulting word in Norwegian, perhaps in quite poor taste if you're very PC:


ånd = spirit, mind
pygmé = pygmy

mind pygmy

it, as one would expect, means someone of a "short" mind, i.e. a stupid person, but because it's an elaborate/creative word, it is more suggestive of being utterly retarded than of merely being stupid.

@thor not true. I know ppl who have flown from UK to Australia, hotel quarantined for 2 weeks, and are now doing normal things.

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